Sea Treats produce premium quality, highly nutritious fish-based treats for your much loved pets, using fish ingredients sourced and manufactured exclusively in the UK, and with traceability and sustainability at the top of our priorities.

Treats are made with 100% natural premium quality ingredients and we source our fresh fish daily, exclusively from Marine Stewardship Council approved sustainable fisheries and responsible suppliers. Our Sea Treats products are hypoallergenic, grain free, naturally high in Omega 3 and free from additives and preservatives to supplement our pets’ daily diet with all the nutrients their body requires. Treat your dog today and see the benefits!

Whole Dried Prawns 50g - £5.99

Fishcake Bites w/ Turmeric 90g - £3.99

Whole Dried Capelin 1kg - £27.50

Natural Salmon & Seaweed Bites 200g - £7.99

Whitefish Jerky Sprinkles 200g - £7.99

Super Supplements Wellness 200g - £9.99

Super Supplements Skin & Coat 200g - £9.99

Cold Pressed Salmon Oil 250ml - £11.00